Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Visiting Idaho

Well, as some of you know, I am currently visiting family in Idaho. I arrived here without too many complications (Just a delayed flight, luckily a man from our flight offered to help me run clear to another terminal and over 40 gates down the other terminal since I had the 2 girls, a suitcase and the diaper bag) and am currently at my sisters. It is always nice to see family, but a little stressful to try to split my time with everyone. My girls love seeing their cousins and having constant friends to play with. My only wish is that Dan could have came with us. It has only been 8 days, and I already miss him so much! I can't believe that I still have 8 more days till we go home!

Sorry there aren't any pictures, I forgot my cord for my camera at home, so I will have to see if someone has one that I can use.