Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Farrington Lakes

So, last week Dan and I made a quick trip to the Durham/Chapel Hill area to look for a new place to live, while the girls stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Taylor. After looking at about 20 different apartments and townhouses, we decided to go with Farrington Lakes. It is only about 4 miles from UNC and is right off the freeway. They have a lake with a Pier that you are able to fish off, a pond, a sand volleyball pit, 2 tennis courts, and 2 swimming pools. Our apartment is going to be on the first floor, and the balcony faces the pool. It will be a little different living in an apartment again, but it will be nice to have everything on the first floor. I think the girls are going to love it. Because we are going to be so close the pool I will be able to take them over there whenever its warm (and open). It also has an enclosed porch with a sliding glass door so you can see out from the living room or the kitchen. So now, only 2 1/2 months until we are there!