Monday, November 10, 2008

Accident Prone . . . or . . . Lacking Intelligence?

Anyone that knows me knows that I am constantly doing dumb things and getting hurt. I have always just chalked it up to being accident prone, but I think yesterday's occurrence might be more of a lack of intelligence. I mean, I have been burned before, many of times.

One of the first times I remember was when I tried to make scones and forgot about them while they were cooking. They caught on fire, so I took the pan outside to dump it our on the ground, and dripped the oil down my thumb. Then there was the time when I worked at KFC (my first job while I was in high school), when I went to get the Macaroni and Cheese out of the oven and stupidly forgot to use an oven mitt. Or the time when I decided to try waxing my eyebrows and put the wax in the microwave too long, so when I put the stick in it exploded all over me (and ruined my favorite shirt). And of course all the countless times when I am baking and accidentally touch the pan. In fact, just a month or so ago I burned my hand pretty bad, not nearly this bad, when I grabbed the pizza pan out of the oven without a mitt.

It isn't just burns either. It doesn't matter what I am cutting or chopping, but there is this one knife that I always use, because it is the best, that I cut myself with every time. You would think I would get rid of the knife, or better yet, quick cooking and stay away from the kitchen. But, seeing that I love to bake and cook, that's difficult. You would think that I would learn from all the times I have been burnt and cut and not do it again, yet here I am today, with a huge burn all over my arm, and you ask, well, how did you do it this time.

Well, my stove doesn't work quite right. So in order to cook, I have to use a tiny burner with my big pan. To do this I have to turn the stove to high so that it will actually heat up. So I did this, and then poured in the olive oil. You would think when it started to smoke I would have realized it was too hot, and turned down the stove. But smart me didn't, and put a piece of chicken in the pan. Since the pan was bigger than the burner, the oil was all gathered at one side. So when I put the chicken into the pan, the oil tidal waved out of the pan and clear up my arm. And this, is the result.

So you tell me, I am accident prone, or just lacking in intelligence!

By the way, after soaking my arm in cold water and ice for about 9 hours yesterday, I did get to sleep, and today, I have little feeling in the burn area. So, very little pain today.

Oh, and the scar on my arm is from a car accident 3 1/2 years ago. Boy am I going to have a good looking arm or what!