Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Fun!

After a long day of making antennas and trying to decorate a cake, all while trying to keep my kids from destroying the house made for quite the day. The cake didn't end up quite like I wanted, seeing that it is pretty hard to decorate a cake with cream cheese frosting, but I finally got it done. Of course, right as I finished Kate had to run up and stick her fingers in it. Then we finally got in the car, just to have Sarah kick the cake. Oh well, it still tasted good. The girls got a lot of candy at the Trunk or Treat, and had quite a bit of fun. Kate was so tired that she fell asleep on the way to Dan's parents house, but Sarah was still awake, so we thought that we would take her Trick or Treating a little bit. She loved it. While we were out we ran into one of her friends, so we finished going around the neighborhood with them. She keeps reminding me, "Remember mom, I went trick or treating with Jasmin", her friend was dressed up as Jasmin. Her bag was so heavy by the time she was done that I had to carry it for her. After she was done she went to her friends for a late night of watching the new TinkerBell Movie. She loved it, but was sooooo tired by the time she came home, around 11 PM! I know what a late night for a 2 1/2 year old. All in all my little lady bug and bumble bee had a great Halloween!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My first Tag . . . Thank's Celeste

I've been tagged by Celeste:

8 fav. TV shows:
*The Unit
*Prison Break
*Grey's Anatomy
*Brothers and Sisters
*Ugly Betty
*The Office

(These are links to the previous episodes)

8 things I love to eat:
*Chips and Salsa (especially Pico de Gallo)
*Shepherd's pie
*Cereal (The really sugary ones they make for kids, lol)
*Deep Fried Turkey (That makes me miss Thanksgiving with my family)
*Caesar Salad
*Breadsticks from Little Caesars

8 Things I did today:
*Went to the Chiropractor
*Cleaned the house
*Checked email/blogs
*Unpacked some more
*Talked to my sister on the phone
*Looked up where to vote at
*Took out the trash
*Took a shower

(Ya, Ya . . . not much, but hey, it's only noon.)

8 things I am looking forward to:
*Taking a nap later
*Visiting NC (Hopefully) after Christmas and staying at the beach
*Logan comming home from Iraq safe (not for a long while)
*Chris and Heather's wedding
*Finishing my Medical Transcriptioning course
*Getting the girls Halloween Pictures back (SO CUTE!!)
*Our five year anniversary (in January)
*Moving out of this apartment (I know, we just moved in, lol)

8 Things I love about FALL:
*The temperature is pleasant, instead of scorching hot.
*The leaves turning colors
*Not having to do my own yard work and rake up leaves all day, lol
*You can do more outdoor stuff... since the weather is just getting cool
*Relaxation (for some reason Fall seems more relaxing then the other holidays, like the calm down period of the year)
*I can't think of anything else, it's actually one of my least favorite times of year.

8 Things I WISH for:
*For Kate to be old enough and ready enough to be potty trained.
*For Kate to quit screaming and learn to Talk
*To buy a house
*A cool vacation for our Anniversary (anyone have any fun yet not too expensive ideas)
*A maid....(I'm with Celeste on this one)
*To move to NC when Dan is done with school
*For my brother to be safe in Iraq
*That I didn't care what people thought of me

I now tag: Mel, Chelsea, Katie, Shannon, Marci, Eliza, Amy, Kim, Melissa