Monday, November 10, 2008

Accident Prone . . . or . . . Lacking Intelligence?

Anyone that knows me knows that I am constantly doing dumb things and getting hurt. I have always just chalked it up to being accident prone, but I think yesterday's occurrence might be more of a lack of intelligence. I mean, I have been burned before, many of times.

One of the first times I remember was when I tried to make scones and forgot about them while they were cooking. They caught on fire, so I took the pan outside to dump it our on the ground, and dripped the oil down my thumb. Then there was the time when I worked at KFC (my first job while I was in high school), when I went to get the Macaroni and Cheese out of the oven and stupidly forgot to use an oven mitt. Or the time when I decided to try waxing my eyebrows and put the wax in the microwave too long, so when I put the stick in it exploded all over me (and ruined my favorite shirt). And of course all the countless times when I am baking and accidentally touch the pan. In fact, just a month or so ago I burned my hand pretty bad, not nearly this bad, when I grabbed the pizza pan out of the oven without a mitt.

It isn't just burns either. It doesn't matter what I am cutting or chopping, but there is this one knife that I always use, because it is the best, that I cut myself with every time. You would think I would get rid of the knife, or better yet, quick cooking and stay away from the kitchen. But, seeing that I love to bake and cook, that's difficult. You would think that I would learn from all the times I have been burnt and cut and not do it again, yet here I am today, with a huge burn all over my arm, and you ask, well, how did you do it this time.

Well, my stove doesn't work quite right. So in order to cook, I have to use a tiny burner with my big pan. To do this I have to turn the stove to high so that it will actually heat up. So I did this, and then poured in the olive oil. You would think when it started to smoke I would have realized it was too hot, and turned down the stove. But smart me didn't, and put a piece of chicken in the pan. Since the pan was bigger than the burner, the oil was all gathered at one side. So when I put the chicken into the pan, the oil tidal waved out of the pan and clear up my arm. And this, is the result.

So you tell me, I am accident prone, or just lacking in intelligence!

By the way, after soaking my arm in cold water and ice for about 9 hours yesterday, I did get to sleep, and today, I have little feeling in the burn area. So, very little pain today.

Oh, and the scar on my arm is from a car accident 3 1/2 years ago. Boy am I going to have a good looking arm or what!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Fun!

After a long day of making antennas and trying to decorate a cake, all while trying to keep my kids from destroying the house made for quite the day. The cake didn't end up quite like I wanted, seeing that it is pretty hard to decorate a cake with cream cheese frosting, but I finally got it done. Of course, right as I finished Kate had to run up and stick her fingers in it. Then we finally got in the car, just to have Sarah kick the cake. Oh well, it still tasted good. The girls got a lot of candy at the Trunk or Treat, and had quite a bit of fun. Kate was so tired that she fell asleep on the way to Dan's parents house, but Sarah was still awake, so we thought that we would take her Trick or Treating a little bit. She loved it. While we were out we ran into one of her friends, so we finished going around the neighborhood with them. She keeps reminding me, "Remember mom, I went trick or treating with Jasmin", her friend was dressed up as Jasmin. Her bag was so heavy by the time she was done that I had to carry it for her. After she was done she went to her friends for a late night of watching the new TinkerBell Movie. She loved it, but was sooooo tired by the time she came home, around 11 PM! I know what a late night for a 2 1/2 year old. All in all my little lady bug and bumble bee had a great Halloween!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My first Tag . . . Thank's Celeste

I've been tagged by Celeste:

8 fav. TV shows:
*The Unit
*Prison Break
*Grey's Anatomy
*Brothers and Sisters
*Ugly Betty
*The Office

(These are links to the previous episodes)

8 things I love to eat:
*Chips and Salsa (especially Pico de Gallo)
*Shepherd's pie
*Cereal (The really sugary ones they make for kids, lol)
*Deep Fried Turkey (That makes me miss Thanksgiving with my family)
*Caesar Salad
*Breadsticks from Little Caesars

8 Things I did today:
*Went to the Chiropractor
*Cleaned the house
*Checked email/blogs
*Unpacked some more
*Talked to my sister on the phone
*Looked up where to vote at
*Took out the trash
*Took a shower

(Ya, Ya . . . not much, but hey, it's only noon.)

8 things I am looking forward to:
*Taking a nap later
*Visiting NC (Hopefully) after Christmas and staying at the beach
*Logan comming home from Iraq safe (not for a long while)
*Chris and Heather's wedding
*Finishing my Medical Transcriptioning course
*Getting the girls Halloween Pictures back (SO CUTE!!)
*Our five year anniversary (in January)
*Moving out of this apartment (I know, we just moved in, lol)

8 Things I love about FALL:
*The temperature is pleasant, instead of scorching hot.
*The leaves turning colors
*Not having to do my own yard work and rake up leaves all day, lol
*You can do more outdoor stuff... since the weather is just getting cool
*Relaxation (for some reason Fall seems more relaxing then the other holidays, like the calm down period of the year)
*I can't think of anything else, it's actually one of my least favorite times of year.

8 Things I WISH for:
*For Kate to be old enough and ready enough to be potty trained.
*For Kate to quit screaming and learn to Talk
*To buy a house
*A cool vacation for our Anniversary (anyone have any fun yet not too expensive ideas)
*A maid....(I'm with Celeste on this one)
*To move to NC when Dan is done with school
*For my brother to be safe in Iraq
*That I didn't care what people thought of me

I now tag: Mel, Chelsea, Katie, Shannon, Marci, Eliza, Amy, Kim, Melissa

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My brother in Iraq

Doesn't he look great!
On Patrol

Monday, October 6, 2008

Couldn't be more Proud!

My brothers Chris and Logan

Chris and my Mom

My Mom and Logan

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell my brothers how proud I am of them.
My brother Chris graduated from a Police Academy in North Carolina a few months ago, and got his first job as a police officer! He is loving it, and I am so proud of him for following him his dream!

My brother Logan is in the US Army with the infantry. He just recently got stationed in Baghdad. I want him also to know how proud I am that he is over in Iraq serving our country.

I miss you both so much, and wish that I could see you more often. I love you!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday


Sarah's 1st Hospital Trip/ Ambulance Ride

Exactly one month after Kate had her first hospital trip, Sarah climbed up and got Grandpa's medicine and took some blood pressure pills along with a bunch of other pills. After calling Poison control we were informed that she would have to go to the hospital for a 24 hour observation. GREAT!! We were kinda annoyed, but took her in just in case she had a reaction. When we got to the emergency room, the Dr looked at her and told us that they couldn't keep her for that long, so she would be taken by ambulance to Texas Children's Hospital downtown. I just had to laugh. They gave her an IV (which took 3 tries) and put her on all kinds of monitors. She had taken the medicine around 8 PM, and we took her in around 11 PM. We got to Texas Children's about 2 AM and then stayed there until nearly 9 PM that night. They did let her get up and walk around. They had some toys, games, and movies so that helped occupy her for a little while. They even let her go for a walk with us to the cafeteria. We were gone for over an hour. Basically, she just had to be there 'just in case'. Luckily she was fine the entire time, but here are some pictures of our interesting day.

Kate's 1st Hospital Trip

So, this actually happened the day after we left Nacgodoches (August 1st), but things have been pretty crazy until now. Anyways, Kate tried to grab a plate of oranges off of the table and this was the result. Three stitches and 10 days later, the cut was still split open so the Dr. had to put the paper stitches on it, which of course she pulled off. Two months later and she still has a nasty scar.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hurricane Ike . . . Part 3 . . . The Clean Up

Thanks to the few members of the ward that helped us clean up!

The one good thing Ike left behind . . .

Some great pictures of the Sky . . .

Hurricane Ike . . . Part 2 . . . The aftermath

Well, there was no church Sunday because no one had power, and lots of people had damage to clean up.

We got power back Sunday night at about 8 PM. We were really lucky, as there are still people even today with out power (about 150,000 or so). The neighborhoods all around uround us were without power for nearly 2 weeks. Driving was pretty crazy seeing that most of the traffic lights were inopperable.

Our neigborhood was pretty lucky because they have taken down a most of the big trees. I did drive through the last 2 neighborhoods that the Taylor's lived in where every yard has multiple huge trees, and every yard had at least one tree, if not three or four. Their are trees and fences down everywhere. Here are a few pictures (these pictures don't even give Ike an ounce of justice, it really was worse than these depict)
Here is the Taylor's neighborhood

Here is some of their last neighborhoods

I tried going to the store on Monday to get diapers and see if their was any food, because the older lady that lives behind Craig and Elaine didn't have much food. It was pretty interesting. Wal-Mart had hardly any food at all, but did have power. Kroger had some non perishable food, but no power. They would only let a few people in the store at a time, and you would have to use a flashlight to see what you were looking for. The gas stations and grocery stores both had extremely long lines, and higher prices. One gallon of milk (about 5 days after the storm) was $4.68 (about $1 higher than usual). Here are a few pictures

Many people have tremendous damage to their property. Many people still have no food or water. Some people lost everything that they own. Hurricane Ike distributed damage to many not only in Houston and Galveston, but many places in Texas and other midwest states. Please keep everyone in your prayers.

Hurricane Ike. . . The aftermath Part 1 . . . The Story and Pictures you have been waiting for!

First of all, I am sorry it has taken me a couple of weeks to get this up. I have recieved quite a few emails and calls wondering how we are doing and what happened, so hopefully this will answer a lot of questions.

The night of the hurricane I took the girls out to play. It was a little breezy but not bad. The girls enjoyed playing and running around in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. I was watching the neighbor's weeping willow tree sway in the wind, and would try to imagine what the wind would do to it. As the girls were running back and forth I looked up at the one and only pine tree in the backyard, and noticed that it was getting blown a bit more than the others seemed to. I just had a bad feeling about the tree. When I came in, I mentioned that the tree looked like it was going to fall over, but Megan informed me that it just what trees do here, but that she was sure it would be fine. My nerves were calmed, so I went in and put the girls to bed, and of course posted more stuff on here about what was going on, while Dan and Megan watched a movie.

I went to bed around 12:30 AM and then Kate woke up at 3 AM. So I took her out to the living room, where I found Craig listening to the radio. I guess the power went out around 2 AM. We just kind of sat there and watched Kate play for a little while. Around 4:45 Kate fell back asleep, and Craig was starting to doze. I figured I would wait a little bit to ensure that Kate wouldn't wake up, when we felt the house shake and heard a big thud, and the light in the formal living room clink around. We were like, umm. . . what was that? So I went and layed Kate down, and Craig and I tried to peer into the dark to see what had happened. Of course, with no power and no sunlight, it took us about 10 minutes to realize that the tree had in fact fallen on the house. You could only see about 3 feet of tree hanging off the roof. So, I went and woke Dan up and we proceeded to try and get all the furniture moved out of the Dining room so that if the ceiling fell down that it wouldn't ruin their new furniture. Luckily enough Craig had some sort of battery thing that could run a lamp, so we at least had a little bit of light to be able to see.

After we were done moving everything, Dan and Craig went up in the attic to see what damage had happened. That's when they found out that their were quite a few holes in the roof, and water was comming in. So they went and got a bunch of plastic that Craig had bought, and proceeded to try and cover up the insulation and such so that it wouldn't get all wet. Then they put a bunch of buckets to catch the water.

When it was light outside we tried to run out in between the wind gusts to see the tree and the roof. It was pouring rain so we ran fast and couldn't get any pictures. The part of the tree that had broken was almost completely on top of the roof, and was hooked over one of the ridges into the other side of the roof. We figured that there wasn't anything that we could do about that part, and just figured we would try to keep the inside of the house from getting damage.

We went back into the dining room, and noticed that the ceiling was really wet and looked like it was going to fall through in one place. I tried to encourage them to let me cut a little piece of sheetrock out of the ceiling so that it could drain and not cause such a mess, but by the time I had talked them into it, it was too late. About 5 seconds later the ceiling fell down in that place. There had been a bucket of water in the attic their, so that came crashing down. Water and insulation went everywhere.

The buckets had all been used by this point, so we got a big red tub that the water could drip into. Then the water started leaking through all over the place. We ended up with half of us in the attic for the majority of the hurricane, trying to keep the damage to a minimum, with the others working in the house.

Then when another big wind surge came through the tree got dislodged from the roof where it had landed, and rolled down the roof where it caught on the chimney, where you see it in the pictures. When it dislodged, it pulled all the little tree nubs out of the roof, causing even more water to come into the house.

We tried to keep as much water as we could from comming in, but we still had about ten 25 lb tubs of water that we had to take outside. We even tried duct taping the holes closed.

I will let the rest of Saturday suffice to say that we spent the day cleaning up the inside of the house.

Well, we thought that was it. Then Saturday night it started raining again. Dan and I were sleeping in the front guest bedroom since our room had stuff all over from the carpet being pulled up. The girls slept upstairs. About 5:00 AM Sunday, Dan woke me up saying that water was dripping on his back. So we started again, trying to get the rain out of the attic, and trying to get all the furniture moved out of the bedroom.

This story, however, could go on forever. So, instead of continuing this novel, I will let if again suffice to say that Sunday we spent the day again, cleaning up the inside of the house, Here is a list of some of the damage and a few of the 400 pictures that we took of the damage. (Yes, I know thats a lot of pictures, but mostly for insurance sake.)

The formal dining room will have to have the whole ceiling redone, as their are 2 large holes, and many other wet places in the sheetrock. The entryway/hallway and front coat closet will also have to have the entire ceiling replaced as their are multiple places where water came through (just small holes), but the sheet rock is all wet. It came through the light fixture and a few other places in the entry way, and through the ceiling in the closet, and down the wall in the closet. The carpet pad and possibly the carpet will have to be replaced in the formal living room and the coat closet.

The front guest bedroom that the girls had been staying in also was leaking water from the ceiling. It was comming from the vent, but wasn't very bad until Saturday night. Then the water came through the ceiling and down the wall. The ceiling will have to be redone, new carpet pad, possibly new carpet. Plus the wall will have work done.

The back guest bedroom and Megan's bedroom had water come in some how so that the carpet all along the wall was wet. So we had to pull out all that carpet pad as well.

The attic has at least 12 holes from what we could count. The vent for the front 2 bathrooms is broken (the one comming out of the roof). One of the water heaters is unattached in the attic, and the exhaust vent is bent. The wood on the roof near where the exhaust vent comes out is broken. The vent for the Gas stove came loose, and the pipes for the heater came unattached. The fence will have to be replaced, the tree taken out, and some of the lanscaping fixed. The rain gutters will have to be fixed, and the insulation will have to be fixed. Plus, who knows what else. This is just what I can think of right now!

It is so sad to think that they just built this house, and that they haven't even lived in it a year yet and now their is so much damage.

Anyways, look for part two of Hurricane Ike.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Farwell for now

Sunset in Spring
Take a Hike Ike
Current Track as of 9 PM Friday
Seawall Friday Morning
Sealwall Friday Morning
Statue dedicated to the devastating Hurricane in 1900
Traffic on I-45 Northbound

Here are some pictures from Friday. I will see you on the other side of the storm! Pray for us all