Monday, October 6, 2008

Couldn't be more Proud!

My brothers Chris and Logan

Chris and my Mom

My Mom and Logan

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell my brothers how proud I am of them.
My brother Chris graduated from a Police Academy in North Carolina a few months ago, and got his first job as a police officer! He is loving it, and I am so proud of him for following him his dream!

My brother Logan is in the US Army with the infantry. He just recently got stationed in Baghdad. I want him also to know how proud I am that he is over in Iraq serving our country.

I miss you both so much, and wish that I could see you more often. I love you!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday


Sarah's 1st Hospital Trip/ Ambulance Ride

Exactly one month after Kate had her first hospital trip, Sarah climbed up and got Grandpa's medicine and took some blood pressure pills along with a bunch of other pills. After calling Poison control we were informed that she would have to go to the hospital for a 24 hour observation. GREAT!! We were kinda annoyed, but took her in just in case she had a reaction. When we got to the emergency room, the Dr looked at her and told us that they couldn't keep her for that long, so she would be taken by ambulance to Texas Children's Hospital downtown. I just had to laugh. They gave her an IV (which took 3 tries) and put her on all kinds of monitors. She had taken the medicine around 8 PM, and we took her in around 11 PM. We got to Texas Children's about 2 AM and then stayed there until nearly 9 PM that night. They did let her get up and walk around. They had some toys, games, and movies so that helped occupy her for a little while. They even let her go for a walk with us to the cafeteria. We were gone for over an hour. Basically, she just had to be there 'just in case'. Luckily she was fine the entire time, but here are some pictures of our interesting day.

Kate's 1st Hospital Trip

So, this actually happened the day after we left Nacgodoches (August 1st), but things have been pretty crazy until now. Anyways, Kate tried to grab a plate of oranges off of the table and this was the result. Three stitches and 10 days later, the cut was still split open so the Dr. had to put the paper stitches on it, which of course she pulled off. Two months later and she still has a nasty scar.