Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The start of something bad...

So this happened the same day that Kate got stitches, just to let you know how bad of a day I had, lol.  We had just gotten to a friend's house to play, and I got Sarah out of the car.  She instantly ran across the street to someone else's house.  I yelled after her to come back, that her friends house was on the same side of the street that we parked, as it always is.  She started running again, and I thought she was running back to the other side of the road.  So I turned around and started unbuckeling Kate.  By the time I got Kate out of the car and turned around, less than one minute, Sarah was gone.  I was looking all around, and Kate ran in the direction that we thought she had gone, totally afraid that her sister was missing.  We couldn't see her anywhere, so I ran up to our friend's (Rachel) door and knocked.  When she opened it I asked if Sarah was in there and she said No, that their door had been locked.  I panicked.  I started running down the block looking for her and Rachel ran down another block. (Rachel lives on the corner, so there are 3 ways she could have ran.) Luckily enough we found her semi-quickly.  She had gone to the end of the block, turned the corner and was in someone's front yard picking flowers and putting them in her purse.  Talk about relief! I don't know how anyone handles a child being kidnapped, or gone missing.  Those were definately some of the worst 5-10 minutes of my entire life!

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